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Friday, November 16, 2007

"Sugar and spice and everything useless unless you're baking"

"I've never seen so much mayonnaise in my life" said my boss at last night's work meeting buffet. I can't think of a better way to describe the experience, it was a mayonnaise extravaganza. It's weird to me because we were there discussing our health benefits and the dinner they provided was, well, nasty. Finger sandwiches, potato salad, potato chips and cookies does not a healthy dinner make. There was not a single bit of green, not even decorative parsley. I chose two sandwiches and potato chips because at least I'd know what I was getting a bag of Lay's. I also had a few cookies and I'm sure somehow they put mayonnaise in them too, I have my suspicions. One of the sandwiches was pretty obviously egg salad, so yay for protein. The other could have been anything. I'm pretending it was tuna over chicken because I eat tuna and not chicken, but honestly I couldn't have told you what animal it had been before the Holiday Inn got a hold of it.

So the meeting was pretty awful diet-wise but the benefits are awesome. And I think I'm still going to do the high deductible insurance thing. I know, I know I wasn't going to do it because of my knee and the expensive possibilities there...but it's just so alluring. They're giving extra super incentives to do the high deductible and it makes a lot of sense. Data shows that people who are responsible for their own medical bills (up to a deductible) take better care of themselves. Of course it's the insurance supplying the data but it makes complete sense to me. I do take better care of myself knowing that I'm paying for it out of pocket. I also don't go to the doctor for nothing which accounts for a big chunk of rising medical costs. I don't mean to advocate never going to the doctor but I don't think taking an antibiotic every time you have a cold is the best thing for anyone. It's no coincidence that antibiotics are becoming less effective when we consistently over-use them.

So, that was a ramble and it sounds like I've made up my mind but I haven't yet. I have this feeling that whatever I choose I'm going to be pissed about it come January. I'm also pissed about the brown and serve rolls I had for breakfast but it's just too late to undo it now. There's something about this season that makes me lust for brown and serve rolls, I bought a whole pack for Matt's chicken dinner. We had fakesgiving all on our own. It was nice but I didn't need to cook a whole pack of rolls. I just have to hope I have a backbone attack next thursday and lay off the butter soaked little vixens.

Last but not least I'm going to Philly this weekend and it will be a time of gluttony. I'm packing my pilates mat and a metric ton of healthy food. I just know it's going to be all shopping and eating and laughing with Holly, which is going to be awesome. This is me getting over myself to enjoy one weekend with my best friend. I don't want to be too disappointed when I get back though, maybe that thought will keep me ordering salads. Thank god they don't do tofu cheese steaks.


Sugarcrook said...

If you get a chance, try to check out Mantra in the central part of the city. Excellent food and mojitos.

Amy said...

excellent, thanks so much for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Uhhh....mayonnaise? Ew. I hate that work functions always revolve around the crappiest meals there are!

Amy said...

it was amazingly gross

lovelines said...

Tofu cheese steaks? LOL I've been trying to imagine what that would entail for the past five minutes and I think I'm just glad I've never seen one, although I still love tofu as much as anything.