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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cats and dogs living together

"Today the sun was up at 6 when we left for work and it shouldn't have been, clearly the earth is now revolving backwards. Time to stockpile canned peaches and buckshot." I pulled that from an email this morning. It's one of those days when my brain doesn't stop humming and right now I'm thinking about what I should put away in case of "disaster" this winter. Pretty much I have cans of tuna and beans and tomatoes, and bottled water. I'm more or less of the mind that if things were that bad we'd freeze before we'd starve to death. Why bother with all that extra shopping?

There's something about this time of year and grocery shopping that just makes me insane. My parents were so thrilled when I got my license because they could send me to the store a hundred times a day when they forgot ingredients for their entertaining. I'd call from the checkout line and still I'd get home and have to turn around. They loved every minute. I didn't even host Thanksgiving last week and I went to the market FIVE times. I've been thrice this week already and we have to go again tonight. It's only wednesday. I expect I'll go to the store tonight and on friday discover I need a waterbuffalo or something for a very important recipe.

I hate going grocery shopping more than once a week, I always buy things I don't need and spend too much and eat too much as a result. Mostly it's baking things I need. The one good thing about still feeling a tiny bit sick is that I haven't been wandering down the cookie aisle and drooling so much because it cuts into my napping time. However, looking at my calendar and all the cooking engagements I have in there...there is going to be a lot of eating in the name of testing in December.

If I taste one of everything I have to make the next month, it's atleast two days of calories. TWO DAYS. I need to keep that at the top of my mind next month. Do I want to burn an extra two days of calories or not eat every cookie that comes comes off the production line? I'm not sure which I'm likely to choose right now but I'm determined not to start next year over 170. I'm not asking myself for any more than a 6 pound loss for the year. If I can't do that I'll never get to a healthy BMI.

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