10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Send whips of opinion down my back"

I keep reading posts about de-lurking day and I'm ashamed to say that I completely forgot about it. It occurs to me that I'm a terrible commenter in general, I don't give good feedback as in I give no feedback at all most of the time. I was just talking to Holly (best friend, getting married, bridesmaid dress decision of doom) about the colors for her wedding and she remarked that the groom's mother was sort of ambivalent about it. Holly has a big greek family unto which ambivalence has never fallen. Nothing passes in her family without fanfare and hand gestures and much discussion at loud volume. I've always thought it was sort of wonderful to visit her family and be a part of it, it's like living in technicolor after stepping out of Pleasantville. So to her receiving a shades of gray response is automatically equivalent to negative.

Holly is one of those people who squeal with delight and gasp with horror and it's completely her natural state of being. I love the drama of her responses to things. I spent most of my youth honing my skills to elicit those responses, but I never learned to be that way myself. I know Holly very well, so well that I've adjusted my Pleasantville demeanor up a notch to almost pastel over a period of years whenever I'm with her. But my natural state of being is not effusive, more defused. I'm pretty much the same way with blogs and emails and comments. Is that too much like a bad break up? It's not you, it's me...and give me back my black t-shirt.

What I'm really trying to say here is Hello Lurkers! Did that come through before, with the rambling? No, you say? So I'm cold and obscure? Excellent. I know there is something special about each of the blogs I visit every day, something that brings me back click after click. When I check my stats and see so many of you who come here day after day I flatter myself you see something special here and whether or not I know you by email or in comments I want to thank you for stopping by and encouraging me to blog on. Happy lurking day to you all.

And in fat news, which you may have noticed I've been avoiding as if it were contagious, I hate my new scale. 170 freaking 5. I know it says you have to wait a few hours after you get up and have an empty stomach and be naked and apparently the moon has to be in line with the seventh house because that number is b.s. I hate it. I'm not getting up at 3 just so I can sit awake and not eat or drink and wait till I'm about to leave the house at six and then strip and weigh for an accurate reading. That's just not going to happen. I know I'm still losing, my damn pants are all falling off. I've had to shrink every pair of jeans and then I get one good hour of proper fit. I know it could be lean muscle and not fat and blah blah blah but mostly i'm embracing the irrational. If anyone has suggestions regarding their tanita scale I'm all over hearing them. Tell me I'm not alone, I'll wax rhapsodic for you I swear!


pinky pinkerson said...

I always thought something was wrong with me or my writing if I didn't elicit many comments - but most people are happy just to nod and say "yes, I get that" or "hmm, can't relate to that" and move on. I am currently having a very rewarding email conversation with someone who has read my blog for a period of time and never, ever commented. Some folks just lurk and that is a-ok.

Oh and - I just thought I would mention that a whale-related onesie has been purchased, and it is challenging to not just buy and buy. There is much out there that is cute. But it seems a little easier to have restraint with boy things. They don't generally wear striped tights or maryjanes, items which I would probably be acquiring in bulk were I having a girl.

Debbi said...

I'm one of those infrequent commenters but regular readers. I like your writing style very much, and I love how you just kind of roll with the punches. I myself am a put-up-your-dukes kinda gal, which has, at times, gotten me in a lot of trouble.

My Tanita seems to give an accurate weight but an out-of-sight fat percentage. I can't be 40% blubber, can I?

As for Holly's future mother-in-law, I've always heard the groom's mother is supposed to "show up, shut up and wear beige." Naturally I wore purple to my son's wedding. Heh.

Amy said...

My sister was always disappointed in the baby boy's selection but she spends a fortune on the girls so it was probably a good thing she had smaller parameters for reid. I always felt like I could spend a little more for really great boy stuff where the girl stuff I buy cheaper and in larger quantity. I guess I'm a sexist shopper.

I think the MIL thing is that Holly is so high being in her wedding mode that everyone is flat next to her, she seemed to understand that his mom is just more chill about things than her own mom. And yeah that fat meter bites, but matt had a reading of 12 which I think is very accurate and that bums me out even more.

Jennette Fulda said...

I actually have two scales, both Tanitas. The first one weighs up to 440 pounds, which I needed when I started out. The second one calculates body fat percentage, but only weighs up to 330 pounds, so I got it later. They never weigh me at exactly the same weight, but they're usually within a half pound or a pound of each other. I, of course, choose to believe the one that weighs me less is more accurate :)

Amy said...

Yes, I'd rather weigh naked and later on the weekend for a glorious low than every morning. but I still get on the scale everyday anyway. argh!