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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New and improved

Just as an FYI, I've changed the contact email on the sidebar. It has come to my attention that Juno bites. I've had that email address forever. Forever like since my parents upgraded our Apple2E to a Dell and I found out there was more to computers than green and black pixels the size of dogs. I set it up when I was 14 or so and defined myself by being an Ani Difranco fan. I was the coolest with my fan addled email addy. It's been good to me, lo these years...mostly. I never got spam. Increase your penis size? not me. Letters from billionaires trapped in Nigeria? pas moi. Little did I know it's been systematically deleting my email. All this time, whenever I couldn't find an email, I just assumed I deleted it. Whoops, I'm a scatterbrain! Is scatterbrained the right word for losing ten years of email? No, I need something with more syllables to really grasp the stupidity there.

Not that I need every email I've written since I was 14. "Ani is cool, so is DMB" "Yeah!" no, I really don't need those emails. But there were somethings that were important and are now gone. I was supposed to mail Jennette some clothes two sizes ago. Only my sister took a long time deciding what she wanted and not only did J-dog slim out of that size during the hemming and hawing, I lost the email I needed to close the deal. It seems that even without the spam, Juno can't handle my e-load. Never could, only I'm just now realizing it. So I've moved everything over to Gmail. The grass is greener and full of storage space.

I've made another change too, as both of the old blog readers will have noticed.

Dear Readers in Dublin and Lynn, Massachusetts: Thanks for sticking around the old digs. I didn't want to delete it and I didn't want to keep it, so I've made it authors only. Sorry. It's at once too embarrassing and too dead to revive, so Athena is now the only game in, err, my town. Welcome!

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