10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, August 06, 2007

"you'd be the prettiest girl on the street...depending on the street"

it is with great sadness that i have learned i no longer get email for every new comment. it sort of fizzled, and now it's stopped completely. google must be getting tired. and i'm totally out of laundry detergent. and milk. it was a long weekend in NH. "who's taking her to the airport?" "i've never been to the airport." "it's just off 93." "but don't you have to go through a tunnel?" "no." "well yes, but you don't have to get off 93." "where do you get off, the garden?" "no, you don't have to get off, you stay on till the airport and then you just get off there." "but what about the garden, don't you turn there and go through the haymarket?" "no, you stay on 93." "so who's taking her?" a very long weekend. if they would just leave boston alone for five minutes all the generations of my family could have a consensus on how to get to logan.

i think matt was a little bewildered by our way of carrying on. we had a good time with the staff at my brother in law's pharmacy. "where is the benadryl?" "benadryl caplets? right over here." whisper on stage left "what if i want tablets?" "what if you want a powder so you can huff it?" "where's the injectable benadryl?" and so on and so on. he also got a second birthday cake which my sisters ate before he got a piece, very my family. he wasn't raised in a get it before it's gone atmosphere which i think is a huge factor in his ability to eat like a normal person without any emotional baggage. but it means he missed out on cake, and the one person who really needed it. i suppose in a regular world with eating and guilt and bingeing our background hasn't prepared us well, but we've got a full skill set for survival of the fittest in a famine. i'm a glass is half full girl, can't you tell?

so, now that i'm back, i really have to go grocery shopping. we bought an absolute ton of freezables at trader joes. fish and meat and some mushroom alfredo which sounds so good i'm glad i can only buy it five hours away. but i didn't get any of the staples like milk and lettuce and ice cream for matt. although i'm thinking if i withhold the ice cream he can work his way through the ice cream sandwiches and then it won't be me eating them. if he only knew how much plotting goes into a weeks eating. i wish i could be happily oblivious like he is and not be thinking about the content of so many meals. but then we'd end up eating out and eating crap or indeed eating nothing at all. and now i'm off to do the meal plan and the shopping list so i can be like the wind at shaws. i will shop so fast it will be like the grocery olympics. and it will be efficient. and the coupons will line themselves up alphabetically and by food group. le sigh...


pinky pinkerson said...

I have decided to eat more organically after reading a number of articles that scared the freaking pants off of me. The only problem is that I went to Whole Foods today, and intimidated by the lack of prepackaged meats (you have to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND ASK THE MAN FOR IT) I became nervous and scuttled to the hot case where I caved and got some turkey meatloaf instead.

I can't wait until Trader Joes opens up here soon. You can buy meat without scary hormones or antibiotics, swell produce, and sinful chocolate thingies for so much less than Whole Foods. It might even be open next month.

Amy said...

oooh, yes. you'll love trader joes. belgian chocolate by the pound, my friend. and also vegetables. it's wonderful.