10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


today i have to make a dinner reservation for a party of nine in a restaurant so small i'm pretty sure eight is the number of chairs they have. i'm a little worried about it. it's matt's birthday dinner, much belated because everything interesting that could happen to me happened last week. maybe that's why this week seems like such a downer. back to yogurt for breakfast and work everyday as far as the eye can see.

and that's as far as i got before my brain died. don't you hate when that happens. my enthusiasm lasted about 15 minutes into the working day and now i'm here slobbering and babbling and directionless. with that in mind, i'm off to make tea and read the deathly hallows until it's mercifully time to go home.


pinky pinkerson said...

it sounds like it will be a nice intimate, very intimate dinner :-)

I made cupcakes today - usually the icing turns into concrete in the bowl and I have to add more milk. Today it was runny* and hasn't really set up like it usually does. Sigh. Still tastes good, though.

*I wonder if it has to do with the 100 degree temps. Even when the a/c is on to a comfortable level, butter always seems to know when it is hot.

Amy said...

butter is tricksy like that. i've been looking at cupcake pictures all day and i want one bad. but i'm definitely too lazy to make any tonight. maybe tomorrow...