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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"You know, computers are on the way out. I think paper's gonna make a big comeback."

you know how i said i was clicking in the knee of the running? i talked to a professional last night. my bestest friend who went to school for athletic training and then instead became a nurse, doubly appropriate for this particular problem. anyway, when i first explained the pain she made a sound. the kind of sound that is reminiscent of the dentist saying "uh oh" when they're drilling. the "oh my god my best friend is going to be paralyzed" sound. so i made her explain in great detail the clicking possibilities. 1 or a, there is a badness with the meniscus which could be a very serious badness. 2 or b, the muscle that lives over the knee bones is getting stuck as it glides back and forth with the moving. urgh. she said it's probably "urgh" and recommended a band. in her professional days they'd make one out of tape wrapped 'round the knee but she said you can buy them too. the very same recommendation as debbi, by the way.

so i stopped here this afternoon and bought one. the sales person was very helpful and suffers a similar condition and showed me her brace, the poor dear. i tried on the simplest one and practiced on a stepper they had out, since stairs are the only place it hurts anymore. and lo the clicking. i said "can you hear that?" and she said "i could hear it when you were walking before". so now i'm really paranoid and listening for clicks. it's just not right that doing something good for you should be so much trouble. anyway there were some other models i didn't even try on, they seemed so ungainly. upper and lower support. it would probably be like angels singing on high to wear it, it just makes me feel so afternoon special. like the girl with the farrah hair who buys the magazines and the candy bar to hide the kotex in the checkout line. i have thirty days to try it out and working up the courage of a thirteen year old buying hygiene products. or maybe the lower band will be enough combined with the rest and the route change.

it's so frustratingly me that by the time (see more than a year) that i finally get really into running i get some dumbass injury. is it really that bad or am i psyching myself out and into being a lazy bum? should i power through or seek medical attention? it's a beautiful day so i'm going to test the band out tonight. full update tomorrow, hopefully less clicky.


Cowgirl Warrior said...

I have a clicky knee and found yoga really helps, it may click if the muscles are cold but by the end no clicking.

Debbi said...

Well, now that I've put myself out there as Dr. Debbi, I hope it works! I've felt the way you do – you go out and bust ass doing something right and then get hurt and wonder if it's worth it.

Trust me. It's worth it.

Amy said...

i've been doing pilates and that's been fine, it's stretchy but very low impact on the knees...i'm not a huge yoga person but maybe i will be someday.

i'm gonna try the cheap one band and if that doesn't help i'll go to the two bands. i always wear pants so no one will even know, i'm just afraid it'll be too oppressive. but not as oppressive as a truly screwed up knee so i should just get over it already.

Jennette Fulda said...

I say listen to your body. If you go out there and feel fine, power on. But if it starts to hurt or sound really clicky, there's no shame in stopping. If you get injured it sucks having to take time off to heal. I've been having some small pain in my thigh, so I've only been running until it starts to hurt a bit, about two miles. I'd love to go farther, but I know it's not worth it if I hurt myself.

TOWR said...

I knew you were awesome, but then you used that Office quote for your post title and just cinched the deal!

Oh dear, clicky clicky. I'm with PastaQueen. The second you start to think something's not right, you should probably take it easy. I would suggest biking, but that would make me a hypocrite since I can't STAND stationary bikes. Running's great when it's good, but when it's bad, it's agony. I feel you!

Amy said...

the office used that, that's from the 2nd season of buffy the vampire slayer.

Sarah said...

hahahahaha, I'm the girl who buys the kotex to hide the candy bar.