10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, June 18, 2007

"I anticipate many years before my death. Excepting disease or airbag failure."

does anyone know what the deal is with wendy's and the baconator? i keep passing their signs. i sort of wish i could see the commercials, i'm envisioning robotic metal bacon with a vengeance! bacon on the edge. bacon in a clock tower with a high powered rifle. and you know what else i'm thinking, not enough people use the word "dollop" anymore. it was used in a recipe i made this weekend and i love it. i'm going to go out of my way to say "dollop" as much as possible from now on.

i had sort of a weird weekend, but great. i didn't do any actual exercise and i spent much of sunday eating the reese's ice cream that matt insisted he had to try but didn't actually like. but i did, so now i have to eat a half gallon. emphasis on the have, because i couldn't possibly just throw it away! the waste. the peanut buttery chocolate chunk fudge fudgety waste. i'd be a pariah. it does say light in very small letters, i wonder if that does anything for me.

obviously i've been floundering a bit since my last...err "space mission". i haven't gained over my 169, that's good. but not very progressy. which should probably bother me more, it just doesn't. but i am going to put a bit more effort into my meal planning. i do my absolute best when i pack a protein packed lunch and i haven't been lately. tonight i'm going to prepare a set of lunches for the week, all pre-packed. which i could have done, say, this weekend when i was sitting around reading. but i did set up tonights dinner to just pop in the oven so i'm still half an hour ahead. if only i weren't too lazy to pre-prep everything, i'd be drowning in time. enough of the rambling, i'm going back to very low carbs starting tomorrow (my pre-prep was baked ziti...whoops!) to see if i can shift down to 167 and maintain down there for awhile. that's the next goal, two pounds. itty bitty baby steps, the best way to go for minimum diet brain freakout. back to the low salt mines for me.


TOWR said...

I've started planning all my meals, too, and I have to say, it does help. I can't bring myself to throw anything away either. What's the deal with that???

Amy said...

i was doing really well with planning for like a year and then last week i decided that grilled cheese was an excellent plan every night. no wonder i feel so ill.