10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, May 07, 2007

"Which begs the question, what kind of an unholy creature fancies cheap tasteless statuary?"

today is the day that i'll spend reminding myself why it is that i don't want to eat sugar and bread and all their bosom buddies. carb free. sans carb. carbius limitus. it's sort of difficult, the remembering. i'm thinking i shouldn't have moved the start date so far from the desperate inspiration date but it woudn't have been super fun any day so why get all retrospective now? it's time to be future-spective. like how happy i'll be at the end. not only because hopefully i might lose some pounds, but because i actually followed through on something. whoo! that'll be cool.

i'm starting the week at 172. i'm really quite a talented maintainer. which is why i have to take a firmer stand here, so i can maintain a little lower. this carblessness is not forever. it's not a life sentence, it's two weeks. and then we'll see. (i always make statements like that "we'll see", like i'm a committee instead of one fat girl plotting her future. i foresee a whole lot of parenthetical rambling this week, i must be psychic.)

i don't know where i was going with that paragraph, except to say i'm working the mantra. i had my yogurt for breakfast, a super gross cheese stick. it's almost lunch time and i'm hardly salivating. check me out, i'm rockin' and rollin'. and using apostrophes instead of letters. the hallmark of carefree momentum. ahem.

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