10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

"I've been accused of a great many things in my time, but paranoid has never been one of them."

i had a high speed dental appointment this morning. apparently, my teeth are perfect. i have a 4.0 in teeth. only i have too many and i have to get my solitary wisdom tooth removed. apparently it's over-exploded which sounds pretty bad but really is meaningless, atleast in my case. it's just sort of a blip and they want to de-blip me. i always go to the dentist waiting for them to tell me all of my teeth need to be replaced, and i'm always so happy when they don't. i have a tiny, tiny life. apparently.

i got an email from a south beach devotee that says i can still eat yogurt, as long as it isn't full sugar and fat. thanks for the hook-up, that will makes things much easier for me. i've been playing with my menu and it isn't all that different. it's a nice surprise. the fewer things i have to remove the better off i should be, i think. it just occurred to me that i'm treating this like i'm preparing to go into space or something. i wonder why they haven't marketed dieting in space. there's absolutely no way to get cheetos in a rocket. someone is going to make a fortune on the lunar diet someday i'm sure.

to prepare for outer space i've been trying to use less and less sugar in my tea. it's not bothering me at all. it's unnerving to think how much sugar i used to drink in tea. i can't drink it super sweet anymore which is a testament to how you can teach your body new habits. i can't think of any other new habits i've taught my body, except maybe to feel full with less. i'd love to learn to eat more slowly, that one i can't seem to master. i guess i've got the rest of my life to figure it out. sometimes the scope of this life change is a good thing, when you aren't daunted by the ridiculously longness of the rest of your life. atleast we have time to change and grow, there's no finish line for healthy choices. and on that note, i'm so having fruity pebbles for lunch. i feel this need to use up the box before facing the last frontier. see how my teeth like that, eh?

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MayQueen said...

I'm in the process of training myself to be satisfied by healthier snacks. Like, instead of ice-cream or cookies as my evening snack, I'll have an orange or prunes (I'm in love with Trader Joe's prunes right now) or some Triscuits. It's kind of liberating.