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Friday, April 06, 2007

"Okay, either I'm borrowing all your albums or I'm moving in."

it's still snowing and i still like april because it's not march and i don't want to throw up. however, i can't say a touch of spring wouldn't be nice. the weather's in the 30's atleast, for which we are grateful. snow is one thing but freezing to death in april is just going too far. you know you live in maine when you're happy about 30 degrees.

i had rum cake and coke for breakfast, which i thought was amusing, and i'm not even feeling guilty about it yet. i exercised yesterday. which since we got out early is not all that great of an achievement but it's better than sitting around. otherwise nothing's happening. snow, food, guilt. it's very winter mentality. atleast it's friday. i'm looking forward to not having to do anything. days like that are nice sometimes, a little shopping and a little cooking and nothing important to get done. we're avoiding matt's family easter dinner. because we're heathens, and also selfish. maybe i'll cook matt a ham steak and he can enjoy the re-birth of jesus with mashed potatoes.

happy easter if that's your thing!

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