10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Peace of Westphalia! ...Oh, you moron. That dinette set should be mine."

there are four empty coke cans on my desk right now.
i've eaten two easter bunnies and it's not even april.
i have six boxes of girlscout cookies wimpering before me.
the scale read 173 this morning.
it's been seven days since we moved.
my credit score has come up 100 points from last year.

my life in numbers. some are good, i've been working really hard to pay off debt and raise my credit score. some are bad, i haven't been working very hard to keep my scale down. i also didn't need to buy 6 boxes of samoas from either a financial or a weightloss perspective. i'm limited offer amy. give me a short ass time frame and i'll spend like a champ. there's a goldmine for a therapist in there. psycho-analytical dollar signs.

however, things are slowly coming together. the first week of moving was all about survival. hopefully now i can focus on progress. i finally have my kitchen together so i can cook. and i'm learning that sauteing in olive oil is not as lardy as i thought it would be. i expected very heavy dinners from cooking only on the stove top but so far it's been fine. add fear of the unknown to my therapy bill.

everything's going fine. however, part of me is just wanting time to pass. especially the financially freaked out part of me. checks recieved, bills paid, debt gone. way to grab life by the horns. i've got to get a grip and stop worrying. i'm sure i can think of something better to do than make graphs of my debt payoffs over and over. maybe there's a rock i can push up a hill? something like that.


i i eee said...

I've been eating mini Cadbury eggs like they're popcorn.

Life isn't complete without a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies once a year. It's tradition. Who are we to meddle with tradition?

Amy said...

it would be wrong indeed.