10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"She irons her jeans. She's evil. She has to be destroyed."

matt and i are doing the traditional valentine's visit to sears tonight. i found me a fridge. it's everything a refridgerator should be. according to consumer reports. it's a kenmore. and on sale. and what with the boiler needing wood every few hours plus the nor'easter we're supposed to get tomorrow valentine's day is sort of busted. so we're going tonight. and having dinner with his parents. maybe we'll stop at dairy queen for that extra special specialness.

i'm not exactly bitter. we sort of knew the boiler would need attention when it got set up, we just didn't know it would be up and running to change our plans. i just have to hope we get the water running and then we can stay there and feeding the beast won't be such a big deal. dramatic sigh here.

back to fat. still holding at 172. which is great. not going up is all i can ask for with everything going on. not that food is out of control. even if i wanted to rely on convenience food i couldn't. no fast food is worth a half hour drive. the best thing about living here is that there is no real opportunity to binge for the lazy. you have to be industrious to be a binger in rural maine. you have to cook, or drive, or have enough money and guts to sit in one of the few open restaurants and order three entrees. but nothing like that is happening.

actually i haven't been feeling much like eating. which is making the ridding of the food rather difficult. i'm sure it's the stress. there really aren't any other factors. money is good, family isn't in crisis, must be the moving. somehow i'm just not very hungry lately and when i do eat...ughh...i feel awful. i'm paying more attention to what i'm eating and when than i have in ages. to see if i can find something that doesn't make me ill. if only to convince matt i'm not starving myself. but feeling nauseas isn't all it's cracked up to be. hopefully i just have to survive two more weeks of moving stress and i'll be all bliss for march. i'll be crossing my fingers.


i i eee said...

Don't researchers rate moving stress right up there with like a death or something? I don't know. I hope you're able to get settled in rather quickly.

Amy said...

me too. i'm thinking my stress level would be less if there was an ikea in the tri-state area. i might write a letter.

MayQueen said...

Is it woe? Sometimes I have bouts of the woe for no apparent reason. I wish my lower GI tract and I could patch up our differences and live in peace some day.