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Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Oh, I don't know. Looking in the mirror everyday and seeing nothing there. It's an overrated pleasure."

i have officially given up hope of ever seeing the new bras i ordered. i just spoke to gap.com customer service. and now my brain is dead. they were unable to tell me why my package has been thus delayed. or when indeed it might arrive. they were unable to tell me why the tracking number they provided doesn't exist and is in fact completely useless. the rep. i spoke to didn't know the date. or that martin luther kind day was actually before the day i placed my order and therefor really couldn't be the cause of the delay. she said repeatedly that post office box addresses always take a long time. firstly...if this were the case they could mention it at checkout. secondly...everything i've ever bought for the last three years has come to my post office box with no issue. is this new? perhaps a new shipping method is being used? no, po boxes always take a long time. (insert pirate growl here) (and again here)

but the good news is that i can see the site now. no idea what that was all about. but i'm glad it's fixed because i'm at the end of my rope for handling stress today. my first customer this morning looked, acted, and berrated just like a quick change artist. it was my misfortune that he was actually right. i did short him. and i fixed it. it was my good luck that he walked away in a huff before i had to admit the mistake. if he hadn't been such an ass with a hole it would've been fixed in less than five minutes. telling my boss i'm incompetent took valuable time out of me solving your problem. moron.

fun facts to know and share: if you think your bank teller made a mistake, the last thing you do is take the cash out of her sight and put it next to your wallet on the counter where she can't see what you're doing. and then the really last thing you do is demand she give you more money. see, they call that bank robbery and that can turn ugly real fast.

so today sort of sucks. i think i might call customer service again just to vent. would that be morally objectionable? i'm pretty attached to those bras already.*

*i just called them again and wow! am i ever a happy customer. the lovely lady i spoke to said "gee, you really should have got that by now. let me call them and check on that for you. rats, their line is busy. let me re-send that package to you express for monday. and oh wait, they're on sale now! so you'll be seeing a credit. is there any other way i can help you?" and then i cried. if i was going to make a baby someday i'd name it after her. i'm that pleased.

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