10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, January 19, 2007

"what's your favorite humming noise?"

today i had a glorious weigh in of 173. it was a beautiful thing. i'm pretty sure angels sang and fairies wept. i've vowed to never move the scale again. whatever is up with the magnetism in that particular spot is exactly the kind of magnetism i want to encourage. go forces of nature. woot!

in other news, the snow that caused them to cancel today's school day yesterday is actually rain. and it's 41 degrees. not that i'm complaining. we did however do the grocery shopping last night so as to avoid the eggs/bread/milk/apocolypse shoppers this afternoon. and we bought a ton a of ice cream. and yet managed to forgot an integral part of dinner so i have to hit the market again on the way home. so much planning, so little success. in the girl scout cookies as crack vein, we bought samoas ice cream. i had a spoonful last night and pretty much it just makes you want the real thing. almost edy's, but no cigar on that one.

pounds are on the move again and more of my clothes do not fit. i have to do another clearout before we move. thankfully i get to ditch some bras this time around. the awful padded ones i had to buy almost exactly a year ago because the ones i fit into again now were too small. that was a horrible experience. one i don't really want to repeat. but i'm wondering if i'll ever be able to buy nice brassieres again. lane bryant has seriously let me down. i'm relieved not to have to shop there, even if i did only ever buy Cacique, but it's not because of the sizes. they still carry my size it's just that all of their stuff is awful. you've got the choice of whore sub-category babylon or grandma and it's not ok. anything remotely attractive does not exist over a D or is painfully unflattering in practice. and this is where i asked for suggestions...until i realized that all the stores that didn't carry my size before i started do carry it now.

including the gap. where i was searching for jeans that are both short and wide but not as wide as the ones i have right now and then decided to check out the bras for kicks. i'm pretty excited. i also fit into victoria's secret now, albeit selectively. matt will be excited about that. it seemed to really offend him that the breast empire had nothing for me. maybe they can make up now my size has changed.


Rebecca said...

Samoas...how I love thee...and I agree the ice cream does no justice to that sweet little goodness.

Amy said...

i just called to remind matt he has to track down girlscouts. a boyfriends' job is never done.