10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, January 29, 2007

"How will I know what to wear?" "Do you own anything else?" "Not as such, no."

i came here all intending to write about these jeans at the gap. and how they were size 12's. and i could button them. it was a very hallmark sort of moment i had in the dressing room and now i'm all distracted because i got a days worth of hits already and all from the wall street journal. i hit the link and apparently you need to be a subscriber to see more than pq's blurb. you'll all be proud to know it only took me 5 minutes to remember that i work in a BANK...and we get the wall street journal every day. so i was able to find the article (on the back page if anyone else is looking for it on paper) and it's very nice. a little re-cap and plug for a few weightlosing blogsters.

it was good timing for newcomers because i just did the year wrap up thing. i do feel this need to go back and capitalize and use grammar and speak english. but that wouldn't be honest. in that vein, i am "honestly" a little worried about my financial ridiculousnesses being under the practiced eye of journal readers but, dude, that's what blogs are. if i didn't want to lay it all out i'd do the pen and ink thing in the privacy of my own home. which i do have a sort of victorian sentimentality for i just never seem get around to it. and then who would read it and support my lust for buffy quotes and feed my ego. no one. tres sad.

but back to the pants. size 12's. i didn't buy them. because you don't buy 70 dollar jeans just because you can button them. you wait until you can both button them and maintain a sitting position without dying. but that's the next goal right there. and pretty soon i'll meet it.

i'm a little torn about the last living pair of 16's in my closet. also a pair of gap jeans that i've worn and loved for probably two years. i have a sort of bizarre attachment to them. i remember when they were too small. that would have been right around when i started this new blog. i remember how fat and awful i felt when those jeans didn't fit. hopeless. to have them falling off now is such a high that it's kept me wearing them long after i should have put them away. i've mentioned before that i don't have any fat clothes. i've been getting rid of them slowly because it depressed me to see them around. but i think i'll keep this pair, so when i do that woman's day cover i can hold them out and show the empty space that would fit five hams. and the headline will totally say "lost five hams just by typing badly in a public format! you can too!".

so, welcome new readers and thanks to the journal for the blurb!


i i eee said...

Whoo-hoo! Rock it, sistah!

CONGRATS on the blurb! And uber CONGRATS on the jeans! That's awesome!

Amy said...

thanks M you're a sweetheart!

Rebecca said...

::bowing down to thee:::man, your famous and you can bake?!

a future Amy Stewart? much more stylish but still quite domesticated...;)

who needs to work and make money when you have blogging?!

Debbi said...

Probably 10 or 12 years ago, I almost bought a white, scoop-necked, short-sleeved, full-skirted cotton dress on sale for more than a hundred bucks just because it fit and was a size 6. Fortunately my sanity returned before I whipped out the plastic, because I wasn't planning on getting married that summer. heh.

Good on you for the WSJ mention!

Amy said...

who does need to work and earn when they have a blog? you're so right.

and debbi...i bought the jeans. i am weak and thou art not. i hope we can still be friends???