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Thursday, December 14, 2006

how many bagel bites is too many?

and life's other mysteries. such as why did i have to call 5 different people at cingular to keep my plan and add a line. there's no good reason. but it makes a soft spot in my heart for betty. betty is an asset to their customer support team and i heart her. she declined my offer to mail her a lobster. maybe next time.

i've been eating way too many frozen bagel bites lately. it hasn't affected my numbers but it's certainly affecting my moral. can you imagine the situation at the grocery store when bagel bites become the best option. i think the problem is that they're at the end of the grocery store and by the time i've searched all the fresh food and found nothing, everything in the last aisle looks tempting. microwave chipped beef! it's mmmmm-riffic!

i wallowed a little last night and made nasty boxed mac and cheese for dinner. instead of the stuffed shells i had been planning. if your dinner only takes 15 minutes to prepare there's distinctly more time to lay on your bed and scowl.

so clearly i've been eating awful food lately. i've been existing on oatmeal and yogurt at work. which usually works for me. the job is so boring this time of year that it's really easy to spend most of the day grazing. so i only bring a few things. yogurt and granola, oatmeal and plenty of tea. and then i do a normal dinner. my life is fiber-full atleast. if i can lay off the mini bagels for awhile.


Anonymous said...

If they were pizza mini-bagels, I could understand it. But regular mini-bagels? It would take too many to satisfy me. But ONE pizza mini-bagel does it for me.

I remember what it was like at work during the holiday season. So much food ... so little will power.

Jennette Fulda said...

See, I would think you'd send a lobster to your enemies, so it could snap their fingers off with its claws.

Jennette Fulda said...

jennette = pastaqueen, btw. Blogger is driving me effing crazy! I can't comment on blogs that have switched to Beta and now it's leaving my real name on comments when that info's not even saved in my profile anywhere. WTF?

Amy said...

Sorry, it does seem like more trouble than it's worth. it's starting to get on my nerves...

MayQueen said...

A lobster, huh? I had the same kinds of feelings for my service rep at Time Warner book distributors when I worked at Marders. I must have called him three times a week for at least a month and he was so sweet even though I must have driven him crazy.

I already had a google account before the beta thing and the different name on the comments doesn't bug me much, but I haven't posted on my blog since I switched and I wonder if my posts will still be signed "mayqueen." I'll miss that.