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Thursday, December 28, 2006

a burning desire

this week my intrepid co-worker and i are working without breaks. there's a good reason we can't leave the bank when we're short staffed. i wouldn't want to be robbed while she was at subway anymore than she would. but for weeks at a time it's supremely unpleasant and leaves us scratching at the windows. this is one of those weeks. and to add to our fun, tomorrow they're shutting off the water.

there's been a lot of construction in town causing all of the major streets to be shut off at random. driving through town has become like a mouse searching for the cheese. and the cheese keeps moving! value for money that is. apparently the water pipes are up to 25 feet below the road and were installed over one hundred years ago. and there's a leak. a big leak. a leak leaky enough that the town with the tighest ass in state spending record has been forced to find it under 25 feet of dirt digging in atleast four different places under four major* roads.

so, tomorrow, we get to not only enjoy the dubious thrill of earth shaking machinery but we can do it with tip top full bladders and no hope of escape. i know you all want my job. i can feel your communal envy leeching from the screen. but you can't have it. it's all mine. mwahahaha.

*major as in the town only has four important roads.

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Beth Currie said...

Oh boy, that sounds fun :-)

They should make the guys work on days like that and let all the girls have days off. Guys can pee in a bottle!