10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

imminent domain

i read the best article today about thanksgiving. a third grade teacher donned a pilgrim hat and walked around his classroom discovering his students pencils and gluesticks and claiming them as his own. it's a shame we adopted indian giver and not pilgrim thief. everyday imperialism.

so, there's some big eating holiday tomorrow. i can't really seem to hold that thought. i have all these travel thoughts in my head like packing and getting cash and remembering the concert tickets. i'm really going one day at a time here.

i'm not worried about eating my weight in turkey, i'm just looking forward to playing with my nieces and seeing some friends. i'm thinking of it more as an opportunity to eat food that i don't have to cook. we have some restaurant plans aswell. we've entered "all the good restaurants are closed" season and are really looking forward to some good meals out. food-a-pa-looza here we come!

see y'all next week!


MayQueen said...

Actually, if we're talking about the Pilgrims here, it would be more accurate if he showed up half naked and freezing and proceeded to drop dead of starvation. The Pilgrims had a lot of faith, but their planning skills sucked. Also, before the teacher entered class, about half the kids would have to be home dead of smallpox. Just for historical accuracy.

Amy said...

don't forget the scurvy.

Beth Currie said...

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought ...

I saw Brian Williams on the news tonight and he said that the average weight gain from Thanksgiving dinner is only 1.1 pounds.

In the overall scheme of life, this is not a big deal. Besides, you know that what goes in has gotta come back out eventually.

Have a safe and happy journey!

MayQueen said...

I miss you already!

Amy said...

me too lady!