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Monday, November 06, 2006

christmas jackassery

that woman on the radio with the horns, delilah, was playing christmas music on saturday night. horrors never do cease. not to say that i listen to her as a rule. but i was driving and all of my cds sucked and i was left with the radio. so i wasn't really listening to her but flipping and there was accapella silver bells on 92.5. it's just not ok. it's not even close to december. living in the world makes me hate the holidays. what's to celebrate about buying on credit and feeding the capitalist machine? but maybe i'm just pissed that the mall is full of morons taking all the good spots.


pinky pinkerson said...

I used to be well-aquainted with Delilah - it was a twelve-minute drive to and from Mr. P's old house, and for some reason I was always driving over at the time when she was on.

For some reason it was always a young mother with a military husband who was calling in for support and the freaking pooh corner song. And this was years ago.

(god, I hate that pooh corner song)

Amy said...

whenever i hear it it's a family with a disabled husband a wife with a mental illness and their three gifted children and they want to hear mariah carey. there is no god.

snackiepoo said...

Shawn and I always joke around this time of year...I tell him that the only way to say I love you is with diamonds, because the commercials say so then he tells me that the only way to show I love him is to get down and get glad.

Obviously, we are just joking ;).

Amy said...

oh man, i hate those diamond comercials. they make kittens weep with their immorality.

Anonymous said...

I never received the memo but apparently Christmas now starts on November 1st