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Monday, October 16, 2006

a timely discovery

check me with my two posts in one day. almost two in an hour. that's how hot i am today. hot and burning. want to know where? it's better than porn, i'm burning my face off. i've been under the impression that i have had a fever the last few days. since last week. my face is all pink and flushed and burning with the hotness. since i'm too cheap to have a thermometer i've been using the boyfriend-o-meter to guage whether or not i'm fevered. not that i've been home from work or resting, anything that normal sick people might do. but hey, i'm not sick at all. i'm just burning my face off. with my clean and clear dual acids which burn facial moisturizer(c).

i got a trial size with my last purchase of their pore scrub (i'd liken it to proactiv for the desperately thrifty) and i tried it while i was at home last weekend because it was tiny and easy to pack. i noticed a tingling sensation and i loved it. if it tingles it has to be working on pimple eradication right? that's logical, right? so i've been using it every morning. and every day i feel the burning. the you have a cold, flu, ecoli, thing has been going on for almost two weeks and i just put it together half an hour ago.

my boss' son just acquired a boxer puppy, cuter than should be allowed, and he licked all over my face. when they left i washed my face of puppy slobber and lo and behold, no more burning. it's a good thing i forgot to buy a doomsday supply of that stuff when i was shopping this weekend. i had planned on it. my skin looks great. if a little like i got too close to a fire.


Beth Currie said...

LOL. Dog licks are great for the skin. Much better than all those chemicals.

Amy said...

we want a puppy so bad, but it just won't be fair as we'll never be home. unless i get a job closer to the house. a funeral parlor is hiring an administrative assistant. that could be interesting.