10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

catholic guilt no more

saturday morning there was a big sale at my new favorite jeweler. so i showed up at almost the last minute and spent a lot of money on myself. and i felt really guilty about it until two hours later, when the lady in front of me slammed on her brakes. in the rain. for no apparent reason. so we collided. my grill is gone. the radiator is about two inches farther back than it should be. the headlight is all floppy. fortunately, they're all things matt can fix. fortunately because i don't carry collision insurance. roll of the dice as they say.

since my weekend sucked i'm enjoying the hell out of my new jewels. before my insurance goes up and i have to hawk all my possessions. cough. i'm lucky that the power came back at all, there are a few parts of the island still waiting. i'm also lucky that we lost power before the temp. was below freezing. that would have been more than a little unpleasant. especially as i'm out of candles.

and look at that, i almost forgot the most horrifying part of this debacle of a weekend. we have to make a god damn video. about customer service. every branch has to do one. we have to write, star and direct the bastards. i'm really thinking about looking for a janitorial position. atleast they don't have to jump through managerial wetdream hoops. banker...highschool student...banker...highschool student. it's an identity crisis in the making.

but i promised myself i'd stop whining on here. it's not a bit nice. so for happy thoughts tonight we're handing out candy at a friend's house. i have great hopes after my two disappointing halloweens in maine. rural maine is not the best place to go trick-or-treating. not enough doors per mile. the candy strategist in me understands this, but it still bums me out. if everything goes well we'll have lots of kids to give candy to and see lots of costumes. and not eat all the candy ourselves. i'm looking forward to a real halloween. i even pulled out one of my sister's kimonos. i'm pink hair punk kimono girl. with kitten heels. all fear me.


Anne said...

I know how you feel about jewellery. I used to work at this store http://www.magpiejewellery.com/index.php?fuseaction=collections.view&collection_id=4

Ie so have much now, it's not even funny, but I love it so much.

Amy said...

pretty stuff!