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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

181: the final frontier

i took an extra day off on tuesday. apparently i have some vacation time left and i'll be damned if i don't take it all. so, ofcourse, i went shopping. i have no other pass-time, and no other love. that's not true, i just feel dramatic today. i had the strongest urge to title this post "i shot jr" but it just didn't feel right. maybe next time. so, shopping. while i was in the car i heard the craziest thing. some radio drones were talking about a study that concluded that women dress more attractively when they're most fertile. wow. just like on the discovery channel. the conductees were noting the lack of fertility signalling in humans and lo and behold, they found it. darwin would wet himself.

what do we think of it though. it's totally subconcious so how would we know. if anyone out there practices the rhythm method and notes shorter skirts on ovulation days let me know. i think it's fascinating. hormones make life so much more interesting, don't they? it's nice they make us prettier aswell as cranky. it's only fair.

i ended the post here originally because we got wicked busy and it was either a half arsed post or no post at all. so i went half arsed. which i do alot. i'm the queen of half-arsing. i never even finished my shopping rant, and i had a good one. i bought the best fat girl belt ever this weekend. it's not the normal loop and holes and all that, it's like a fold over with knobs. whoa, that sentence makes no sense at all. but really, it's great. you can get super fat or super skinny and it still fits. it's the best 6 dollars i ever spent.

i love things that still look good but can be worn at different weights. i'm still trying not to invest too much money in clothes at this stage, except for a few things that do work with different weights. so i'm working on my accessory collection. belts and shoes and handbags. why save money when i can have red mary janes and leather tooled by children in mexico? writing that sentence makes me wish i was wearing a god bless america t-shirt with a flag on it. but that's not in my budget. maybe when i reach goal!!!

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