10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

project skinny

i just realized that i didn't do the scale thing this morning. it's customary for me to torture myself with daily numbers, i guess it slipped my mind this morning. i was all busy getting dressed. it's always hard to get dressed after watching project runway but lately my clothes situation bites. i'm at this stage where all of my clothes make me look fatter than i am. all of my walking and stepping has indeed eradicated my ass and it's not the promised land i was hoping for. now i'm just a chubby girl with no ass. getting what you ask for doesn't always make you happy.

and that's why i'm back to the drawing board and taking another look at diets. exercising day and night rocks, and i love it and i'm glad i got to know what my body can do, it's just not enough to give me what i want. i think the hardest part is getting to a place of contentment. i'm closer than i've ever been, but still not there. so i'm setting a ten pound goal. since i lost ten with the south beach thing, i'm going back there. two weeks starting monday. or as soon as it takes me to eat the market's worth of organic yogurt i bought this week (on-sale). waste not, want not.


V'ron said...

South Beach works, I think, because its not the normal way you would eat, so it forces you to think about everything you eat: "is this part of the plan." I sense it works for you, but you're getting bored with it -- its no longer forcing you to think, so you don't, you blow off, and you're back. That's my guess.

10 pound chunks is a good thing to do.

I'm in this state of malcontent myself, so if my comments are useless, well, there you go. I can only relate.

Amy said...

i think more it forced me to cook. left to my own devices i don't cook myself dinner. i love to cook, for other people. i think i'll have better luck when i'm living with the boyfriend because he needs meals every night. he couldn't subsist on yogurt and oatmeal like i do.

i i eee said...

Good luck! I too need to cook more, instead of just grabbing whatever's already pre-made and available.