10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, September 22, 2006

"how big is the anchor?"

today we've had earthquakes, the qe2 and adorable elderly british ladies learning to use an atm. somedays i like my job.


Beth Currie said...

The QE2 huh? It's kind of weird to think that that ship leaves from my home town and is currently in yours. Give one of the old ladies a Bar Harbor t-shirt to bring back for me, will ya?

Sugarcrook said...


Please note that I struggled to come up with a smartass comment here. And I got nothing.

Amy said...

i'd be happy to mail you a t-shirt if you want one. it'll have to be tacky, because that's the only kind there is, but isn't that the point of tourist t-shirts?

Amy said...

there was a legitimate earthquake near dorr mountain in some gorge. and i'm perplexed that you couldn't come up with a smartass remark, should i be flattered?

Sugarcrook said...

Please do.

Earthquakes just aren't funny. Unless, in the process of quaking, a moose falls over. That would be funny. Silly moose.