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Monday, August 28, 2006

stupid anti-theft device bastards

if you bet it would take me a year to lock my keys in my mom's car, congratulations. you'll be receiving your rice-a-roni shortly. atleast it happened in matt's parents driveway. 'course her car is all fancy and you can't use the traditional slim jim to open the damn doors. but i have spares at home so all we have to do is go back in one car tonight and pick it up. it's not as bad as that time in highschool at the alewife t-station. that was downright unpleasant. never lock your keys in your car in boston. it's what the catholics call limbo and you'll be trapped there forever.

otherwise things are good. matt feels a lot better with the prednisone. he can actually eat. so that's good. me, i'm going off the deep end. the end that has you almost filling out applications at borders. i'm ready for a change. i need to make it before i alienate everyone i currently work for. so i need a new job, again. and then i have to buy a new car, oh and move. it's like a triathalon of stressful shit.

so i have cake for lunch. that's what happens a) when you buy a cake and b) when you spend a fruitless hour trying to unlock your car and you don't have time to cook anything. cake and yogurt. organic yogurt. i get karma points for that atleast.

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