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Monday, August 07, 2006

a fine line

reading this article makes me want to eat a pizza. it's walking a razor's edge as a "dieter" to be hard on the skinny. hypocritical, one might say. it's frightening and maddening and maybe it makes me a little envious. if i had the will to do the fruit til 3 and only 500 calories after that thing i think i'd be a mental case. above and beyond the anorexia. i'd go insane bat shit* crazy. i picture myself up in the grocery store licking boxes of macaroni and cheese. but maybe that's just me.

*one word or two, oddly not in dictionary.


Wendell said...

Interesting article. It's not just you - I'd be in the next aisle licking boxes of cake mix.

Amy said...

your life would have to be really interesting in a really unique way all the time to not feel hungry on that diet.

Jenny said...

What gets me is the comment (and similar in practically every article on this topic) that men would swap five Posh Spices for a Jennifer Lopez.

But Jennifer Lopez is thin. She is muscled and flat-bellied and has a six-pack and arms to die for. If Jennifer Lopez is supposed to be our ideal of curvy and rounded, then we might as well give up as far as the men are concerned. I've seen other examples given in the same vein: men don't like the skinny girls, they like the more round, feminine women like Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Pardon me for laughing. Angelina Jolie may not have all her ribs sticking out, but she certainly has bones you can see, and flat planes of muscle, and a self-proclaimed butt like a boy's. Not to criticize her -- she's beautiful -- but as far as role models go, there simply are no large, soft, curvy women in the mainstream media, except maybe Queen Latifah. Can you think of any you could relate to?

MayQueen said...

There's skinny and there's skeletal. I'd much rather look like Jennifer Lopez than a stick figure with a bobblehead and no menstrual cycle. I don't think it's right to criticize people who are naturally thin or people who get there through a healthy lifestyle change. However, if the person is a rolemodel for young girls and is obviously starving herself, it's perfectly okay to point and say, "you should in no way try to emulate that because it is wrong and disgusting and that person really needs help."

Of course, it doesn't help that any publicity is good publicity and all the tabloid covers only go to show that being famine-victim thin will get you a ridiculous amount of attention.

Amy said...

matt and i were reading something about keira knightly being too thin and matt was all upset about it. that girl's made non-stop movies this year, working whatever 14 + hour days they work. when is she supposed to get to the drive thru?

Amy said...

oh and dawn french, she's my idol. where are the gorgeous fat women on american tv? kirstie alley DOES NOT count.

MayQueen said...

It's sad but the only woman I can come up with off the top of my head who is on a sitcom and is not your typical little perky sitcom wife is Liza Snyder on Yes, Dear (She used to be on Jesse). She's very pretty, but realistically I would only call her fat as compared to most tv women.

Jenny said...

Keira Knightly doesn't have to get to the drive-thru. She can eat precisely whatever she wants, whenever she wants, in a bathtub wearing Prada if she wants, because she's a star and she has twelve gofers to bring it to her. That's the movie biz. You don't get that thin because you don't have time to eat.

Liza Snyder -- yes. Would you say she was supposed to be sexy? I'm just saying. I still stick with Queen Latifah as the only heavy sexpot in mainstream media. I about fainted when I saw Chicago. :)