10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

hey, look over there!

i'm trying to think of a distraction, something worthy. i really want to write about how on last night's news there was a spot on women who become virgins again after bearing their children. the world is splitting at the seams and this is what they put on the news. great! but i'm relieved to see that i'm not alone. thanks for that. so back to the fat.

actually, i have nothing to say about fat because i'm too busy searching for jobs and weeping over my resume and feeling worthless. YAY! but my rings keep falling off so my fingers are getting skinny. that's worth writing home about, isn't it?

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Michelle said...

Skinnier fingers are definitely worth writing home about...they're part of your body too. (o:
Hurray for skinny fingers!! Maybe you can do a video on typing a resume and how it helps to loose finger fat. I see you on Oprah now..teehee.. Job hunting solved..LOL (O:
On a more serious note..I hope your job hunt goes well. (o: