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Monday, May 22, 2006

i'm feelin' lucky

i have officially decided to hedge my bets. i'm going for the high-ass deductible health plan that won't cost me nuthin'. the one where i have to cough up $2500 if i get hit by a truck and won't cover prescriptions but i can get an annual papsmear for a mere 20 bucks. i've been pouring over the forms all morning with my colleagues and we've been lamenting our lack of choices. it's going to make my life infinitely more complicated, but probably it will be fine. i haven't been hit by a truck all these years and yet i've paid 30 dollars a week to the man so i can get an 8 dollar discount on my thyroid medication. screw that. so, hello high-deductible health plan, good-bye bi-weekly payouts. and hello also to the highly confusing, but tax healthy option of a health savings account. if i deposit there what i would otherwise be paying in health insurance it will be exactly the same come the end of the year, and if i don't get hit by a bus i'll get to keep that money and it'll add up until i turn 55 and then i can spend it all on lotto tickets and early bird specials.

have you found the catch yet? they call it self-insuring for a reason. should i develop a condition or a disease or any number of problems that i surely will as i get older and take up high impact sports on traffic infested roads, the patching up of my person could be very expensive. the biggest thought on my mind is that i need to step up the taking care of myself. alot. i've got to lose the extra weight that makes me a candidate for diabetes. they call it self insuring because it means you pay for everything, but i'm trying to be all hopeful and positive about it. for me, self insuring is going to mean that i will be doing everything i can to keep myself healthy. and i've got 2500 reasons why.

it's been a very difficult decision. and scary. it's got me thinking about everything from my daily medication and exercise injuries to tax shelters and retirement funds. my brain might actually explode. if i stay healthy and safe, things could go really well for me. if i don't stay healthy and safe, well my body and my bank account will be screwed. but the onus is on me now to take care of this body, or pay the price with more than just my health and figure. it might be just the inspiration i need. but i'm still going to see my doctor this week. and i'm getting every damn test known to medicine while the man is still covering it.


Kyra said...

We went through the whole "which plan" in december. It was awful though, we thought we were choosing the right one, and we got nailed by some sub-sub-sub fine print and now we're paying a ton of extra money we shouldn't have had to - just for the basics :( Tripple check it!

Amy said...

i think if i had kids or my boyfriend on mine it would be a big deal, but it's just me. it's really hard though, i feel like i'm without a net.

Anonymous said...

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