10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


sad. very sad. and also, my shoulder is broken and i'm a victim of self tanner.

since i started the pilates my shoulder hadn't been hurting. since i've been negligent in my pilates-ing my god damn shoulder won't stop hurting. i could lop it off and roast it with some rosemary. a little sea salt. it's driving me nuts. the malibu barbie brown plastic legs i have only add insult to injury. it was supposed to be a natural glow. natural glow shining out of my ass. my legs are all blotchy and way more "tanned" than i signed up for. no one will ever believe that my legs are really that color. six dollars worth of misery. my arms look good though. what is wrong with me thinking fake tan would ever work?

the better question is why am i letting the pounds creep back? i baked a cake this weekend. it would be foolish of me to think that the boyfriend ate half a cake by himself. the sweet and crazy thai lady keeps bringing me iced teas with the cream and the 2 cups of sugar and i keep drinking them. i have a coke in my bag. i have lost all sense of reason. it didn't seem to click when the scale was still reading 183 but i can't deny the 184 that will be 185 very soon if i don't get a grip. i feel like i'm driving down a one way street the wrong way. case in point, i'm supposed to make baked ziti for dinner. i need to turn this car around and get some fish to bake. and a zucchini. and some damn common sense. and to bin the rest of the damn cake.

i'm a little grumpy today. my legs are orange, the scale is unsympathetic, and i'm daydreaming about cooking my own shoulder. have a good wednesday, y'all!


Rebecca said...


you've taken the first step...I'm sure you'll be back at 182 in a few days

ha! thanks for the warning...I was contemplating self tanner because my legs are sssoo, sssoo white...

Jennette Fulda said...

This post has me thinking up jokes about the Cannibalism diet. Lose 4 pounds a day and never go hungry - eat your own arm!

Amy said...

it does make me question my sanity about having a roast for dinner.

snackiepoo said...

I am sorry you are in pain but if it makes you feel better, I too was victimized by the supposed "gradual" self tanner and my feet and ankles look splotchy and crazy.

Amy said...

atleast we have eachother.

Cindy Carbo said...

I know what you mean! Sugar/carbs are my weakness.

Keep on fighting the good fight! =o)