10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, April 14, 2006

failing to plan is planning to fail

or so they say. so i just planned all of the rest of the meals for april. using my freezer and my cabinet stores. i'm really too excited about that. there'll be no more "no, what do YOU want for dinner". from now until may it doesn't matter what we want, it matters only what's on the schedule. i even scheduled leftovers. the problem is it's making me hungry...


Rebecca said...

hahahaha...that always happens to me.. i sit down and try to create a menu plan and I get hungry while doing it!!

i came to the realization today as i was making grilled cheese...that i need to seriously take stock of my freezer because i had 4 opened bags of toast plus 2 more bags of unopened toast in my downstairs freezer..whats up with that? i don't even like toast that much yet I seem to have plenty of it.

does maine have farmer jacks? well, if you do..they are reintroducing their frequent shopper discount cards. not quite sure why..but i nearly spent 4 dollars more!

Amy said...

oh man, now i want grilled cheese.

we don't have farmer jack's, but the shaws has a card program that always makes me spend more than i mean to. i'm wise to their cheating ways now though...english muffins buy one get one free, they raise the price first. it's just wrong.