10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


i even checked the needle twice, 185. it's a god damn miracle. another miracle is that someone actually noticed the loss last night. 'course it was my hairdresser and i do essentially pay her to say nice things to me.* she asked if i had lost alot of weight and i said ten pounds. i guess that is alot, but not as much as eleven. from where i am right now, i think i'd like to lose about thirty more. i'll still be overweight by official standards but i don't care. ofcourse, if i set a goal i have to stop being a slacker. i've been exercising like a fiend but not really cooking for myself. cereal for dinner has become a reflex.

however, i bought a new cookbook: mark bittman's how to cook everything. it's not particularly diet-y, but i'm hoping it will inspire me to cook as much as that compliment last night inspired me to set a goal again. so thirty pounds. i've been thinking about it for a few days. i don't think i weighed myself before january of this year so i have no idea what 155 pounds will look like. maybe i'll be satisfied before then but i'm not going to push for more.

i've been thinking lately about how much fat there is that hides all over my body. i had been so happy with my new muscular legs and rump i haven't been looking at the rest of my body. looking at my neck and my shoulders and my arms i really see where 185 pounds goes. i worry most about my waist but losing my tummy won't make me a thin person. i want to lose fat there, but there's so much more. i think that's part of why i didn't think i looked like was losing any weight. if you lose a tiny bit from your shoulders and your ass and everywhere else you don't see a whole lot of change in the mirror.

so i'm starting again with the goal in mind. i'm also going to start running again. last time i started the three minutes a day program i was very determined to shed pounds so i walked/ran in the morning and then i walked at lunch and then i did pilates at home. that sucked. the shin splints alone made me slow down and i stopped running in favor of higher impact walking. now that i'm stepping (which doesn't bother my shins at all) i'm going to add running back. i'm also going to get some real running shoes. i've been telling myself i don't deserve to spend the money on them because i have perfectly good cross trainers. it's not the same thing to run in running shoes as it is to run in cross trainers and i wonder why it hurt so much to run.

so, recap the new program:
maintain 4-5 days of exercising, stop buying cookies.
mini goal 1. cook more, center on vegetables. i used to be a vegetarian for heaven's sake.
mini goal 2. get running and stick to minute program to reach 30 minutes of running.
big fat goal...lose 30 pounds +/- by dedicating self to above mini goals.

*she's rather overweight herself so i think she must have meant it, fat girls have acute pound counting super vision(r).


Rebecca said...

way to go!!!

hows the stepper? you have one of those little ones (what i mean is you dont haev that huge contraption they have at gyms) right? would you recommend one?

Ive heard various things about them...some like them, others say theyve sprained ankles...i think thats more of the persons lack of balance but hey...

Lady Sue said...

You can do this....you've got the plan now go with it....
And don't forget to treat yourself on the way ...you Deserve it....

If you are going to get serious about running then definately spend the extra monies on good running shoes...it really does make the differance..

Amy said...

thanks for the congrats, this community rocks!

yes, it's tiny it's the gaiam mini stepper with these flex handles that work your arms. i would recommend it if you're looking for one. it was about 80 dollars but the shipping was free from amazonand it came really fast. you can't make the steps hard to push but if you use it aerobically it's a good workout. i've been going for speet to get my heartrate up and i really like it for watching movies instead of sitting around.

i'm thinking of wandering over to the sports store later today. hoping to find something i like and see if i can find it cheap somewhere online. i know they'll be worth it and maybe it'll encourage me if i get lazy. maybe that's a good reason to buy expensive ones...can you tell by the guilt motivation that i was raised catholic?

Amy said...

i'm glad not to be alone!