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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

photo tour, extremely random

pier in hulls cove at sunrise

what every crosswalk looks like.

my favorite store!

harbor master's boat and summer pier.

lahbstah men.


main street from two angles.

random ass rowboat, with lovely white background...


Rebecca said...

oh my gawd...it's so beauiftul!!!!! small but beautiful. has a very old school charm to it.

btw...whats the circle around the crosswalk man?

Amy said...

it's supposed to be a hula hoop. i've heard it's for a band but i'm not really sure. some college kids stuck the stickers to all the crosswalks.

i took a bunch of pictures of the mansions but they look all sad and closed up still, i'll have to wait until the ridiculously wealthy owners come for their two weeks to get good pictures.

Jennette Fulda said...

Wow, you live in a postcard!

I believe the band is String Cheese Incident. The signs in my neighborhood are the same way, though someone spray painted them instead of using a sticker.

Amy said...

there are benefits of living in a big tourist destination, it's so pretty. but then martha stewarts dogs crap on my boss's lawn. give and take.

Rebecca said...

have you met/seen any famous people?

Amy said...

i've met some of the rockefellers, david and mary morgan. they're very nice and employ a lot of people year round.