10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


i skipped yesterday, so for posterity the weight was 186. i wasn't feeling very inspired and then nirvana left such a lovely comment! thank you.

i'm a bit disappointed with myself as i didn't walk this morning. it's the splin shints.* what a useless injury. i've tried stretching more and wearing different shoes. and still the shints persist. normally i'd do more pilates to make up the difference, but there is a technical issue. i don't have the dvd. i ordered one from half.com last week. since i was pms-ing i sent the netflix one back so i could have more robson green at home. i thought it would all work out (pun enjoyed but not intended). but i haven't received the new one and so i've been trying to remember the sequence and the moves without assistance and so far it's not working.

to stem the tide i pulled out an old yoga dvd. i've never liked it and i really don't like it now compared to the wonderful pilates program PQ recommended. no offense to yogi marlon, but ana caban is a better performer/teacher. i never once want to reach through the screen and choke her even if she does gesture to her own perky buns. somehow she pulls it off. i miss ana damnit! i miss pilates! it's crazy to think i'm getting into exercising to the extent that i miss it. i'm so proud of myself. and also mystified. but in a good way.

more later about lane bryant, brassiere issues, we'll see how it does in the walking competition.

*i can't seem to say "shin splints" anymore. the very definition of insult to injury.

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