10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, February 24, 2006

been a slacker today. between the hormones and the stress, i'm finding it difficult to remember the chocolate versus tiny ass argument. today i don't care how big my ass is aslong as i can sit on it and eat chocolate.

it's snowing today so i didn't get to go running this morning. and then i went out to lunch with the boyfriend, so i didn't get to go for a walk (but i probably would have ended up on my arse and slush covered so maybe it's for the best). 'course i could have ordered salad instead of haddock for lunch...but i didn't. and i could have ordered water instead of iced tea, but i didn't. so when i gain twenty pounds (exaggerated so i can feel extra guilty) i'll know exactly why.

focusing on the positive, i've been drinking water all day every day this week. i'll have snow to shovel when i get home, bonafide exercise. i'm cooking steamed salmon and broccolli for dinner, very healthy. oooh, another positive is the cookbook i just ordered from half.com. a julia child for $1.49. i ordered it mostly so i can make croissants (not a fat free food, but they're really hard so it'll be ages till i get around to it) but it has a lot of other great recipes in it. if i just cut the butter from everything it should be fine. and it was $1.49 so there's no real loss. i love cookbooks for the ideas, if not the actual recipes. cooking for me is mostly about inspiration and doing something different.

also, most of cookbooks are vegetarian or from the seventies when the fad was to serve every food group in a gelatin mold. mmm aspic. so a new book is welcome. i'm very excited.

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