10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, January 29, 2010

"short fingernails but a lot of anger"

Wow, it's weigh in day and I have a sad little almost pound to report losing. I suppose this is better than gaining said almost pound but it's kind of depressing. Doggies and I earned 73 activity points last week which I think is a record for me. I also ate about 20 of them which means I also ate all of my weekly points. So this week had a lot of exercising and a lot of eating. In my fatgirl way of thinking I am convinced that much of the weight is muscle and water and baby unicorns crowding my scale. My muscles have been killing me all week but I haven't been able to take a break from the snowshoeing and I think a break helps keep things in balance. Every time I walk up the stairs I'm pretty sure my legs are going to come off. If I kept all the yummy high point food down there I'd never ever eat it because I'd do pretty much anything but climb the stairs more often.

I'm supposed to be on vacation so I'm trying to make myself happy. I need to do some happy things on this vacation because it is an emotionally charged vacation taken under complicated circumstances and also I have to do my taxes. It will probably take all week to do those taxes unless I give myself a deadline but meeting a deadline sounds suspiciously like work so maybe I'm not allowed to do that this week. Maybe I'll do it in April like everyone else and then get practice getting drunk.

I'm not sure what my happy thing for today is going to be, there's an awful lot of housework that I've been avoiding and that makes me not happy so I guess cleaning today and maybe sledding since it's snowing again. Sledding is fun and happy and I have to climb the hill so it's also exercise and the doggies like it. Jolie ran the whole way with her teeth in Matt's jacket last time we slid, she had a good time.


Jams said...

Way to go on your almost one pound weight loss! I'm sure you were expecting more with all of those activity points. I will say though, that since you've been sore, it's likely your body is retaining water to repair your muscles.

The soreness you feel is little tears in your muscles and your body will hold onto extra water to repair them.

Keep up the hard work!

Rebecca said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say for all those AP's, you may not have been eating enough. maybe.

but water retention for sure, especially if your so sore!

Rebecca said...

oh, i forgot to say congrats!! a loss is a loss!


Amy said...

Do you seriously think it's not eating enough? I feel like I don't get a straight answer from the interwebs about whether or not I should eat all my activity points. I had been leaning toward the holding onto water for my muscles theory because of how ridiculously sore I've been but I know some people really push the eating all your points thing.

Rebecca said...

well, if you earned 73 and only at 20 of them... thats 53 leftover! that's a lot!!

roughly in caloric terms that would be 2650 you didnt eat.

i dunno... give it a week and see what next week says.