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Friday, January 29, 2010

k-2, the backyard edition

Holy crap, I just got back from the worst snowshoe trek ever. It was beyond awful. The temp was 11 degrees when I left and I dressed up in all the right clothes, extra cream on my face, winter sunblock...I'm not exactly new at dressing for the weather. Usually about five minutes in I'm so warm I'm stuffing my mittens in my pockets and unzipping my jacket. Most days I carry my jacket home because I am that warm but wow, not today. It's windy and snowing and the temp is now down to 5. I always tell myself I'd rather not know how cold it is but I'm relieved to see it lowered because I thought I was just getting soft. The tips of my fingers went numb, my ears were painful to touch, my toes are still cold...it was seriously unpleasant. Even the dogs seemed kind of grateful to be home, usually they give me trouble about having to come in but today they were waiting for me to open the door. I'm sure if I couldn't see through the snow blowing around they couldn't either. Our footprints were actually blown away in about a 7-10 minute period, it was unbelievable.

Everyone is cuddling now and I'm drinking tea and I am setting a timer to force us to go out for pottying around lunchtime, otherwise I'm calling it good. Unless the wind stops we're not trekking out again no matter what the temp is, not even for happy fun sledding. I'm making valentine's day crafts instead because I am 12 and I want to have some damn fun today and nothing says fun like glitter glue! Plus the chemical high, it's a no lose situation.


Rebecca said...


CAN I COME?! I have tons of crafty stuff...;)

Amy said...

Yes, yes you can. We will cut and glue and be merry!

Sevenbeads said...

I'm shivering just reading this! You deserve the hot tea and doggy cuddling.