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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last time I talked to Big foot it was like "Hey B" "gurghaghurghhha"

I don't like Kashi Go Lean Crunch. I really wanted to like it. I'm sure I'm supposed to like it. I think it's a fitness blogger requirement to like it. There isn't really anything wrong with the flavor, it's the texture I can't stand. It's like those packing peanuts, which I'm sure are low in calories but otherwise urgh! I'm going to have to be patient for a few more bowls because it was so expensive I can't bear to throw it away. I think I'm going to stick with SmartStart for my overpriced healthy cereal fix.

I had to get that off my chest. I always feel left out when I don't like something everyone else likes, as though there is anything I can do about it but suffer. Secretly I suspect most people have noticed that Kashi cereal resembles packing peanuts but no one wants to complain about popular or expensive things. Anyway, the kashi is one of many new things I've tried recently that haven't worked out. I bought some yoplait yogurt parfait things which I had high hopes of but all you can taste is the chemical sweetener. Very disappointing. I have however fallen in love with the Kelloggs meal replacement bars, which I know are full of horrible fake things but I can't taste it and they help out a lot when I work weird hours. I hate the idea of "meal replacement", you have to go to the diet foods section to buy them and it's full of fake this and fake that, but they really do make a difference in keeping up the blood sugar.

I know I haven't mentioned it in a hundred years but I still have a stepper. The stepper that changed the way I lived in my apartment and helped me come down two dress sizes. I started using it again last week and my legs are killing me but I have high hopes. At the least it's better than reading or watching tv on the couch, which is what made all the difference in the beginning.

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Rebecca said...


me likey kashi go lean. although there are a slew of other things i don't.

hihihi...glad your posting again sistah!