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Saturday, August 29, 2009

"don't make me get the hose!"

Puppy will not go outside. It's been raining all day and he really has to pee but he just stands at the door and looks sad. It's impressive in a way because I'm sure he has to go but he's holding out for a weather miracle. Brave. Matt and I had a fancy day making waffles and doing errands in town. There were no boy things he could do with the weather so he was forced to hang out with me at the pet store and target and help me choose new glasses to replace the ones I keep breaking. I break a lot of things. It's ironic because we were searching for glasses that he can hold on to and yet he's never broken any of our house things. It's always me. I am a magnet of disaster and shattered glass. And have you read Colin Bateman? Because he's hilarious. I haven't actually focused on anything inside my house because I can't stop reading Belfast Confidential. I thought I was going to herniate something reading Driving Big Davey. It was the best ab work out ever.

Fortunately for my ass I was stepping all the while I was reading. I haven't used my stepper since dinosaurs roamed the internet and it just occurred to me that duh, I should. So I pulled it out and it makes me feel a bit lame but also smug because I'm doing something more than I was last week and probably I'll be a supermodel by tuesday. Stay tuned. In all seriousness I can't remember why I stopped using the stepper when it was really important in getting me off my couch and down two jeans sizes. I'm sure it had something to do with my knees but since I gave over running I'm not so worried about them. Better to keep the weight off them in this relatively low impact way than to uhh, err, not. I'm way out of analogies, that has to be a first.

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