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Monday, August 24, 2009

"look for something bludgeony"

Yesterday when I was with my client we heard a lot of sirens. I think I made kind of a big deal about hearing sirens all the time in Chicago. I guess sirens mean more when you live somewhere small because when you hear them you know the accident is near you or involves someone you know. The sirens we heard yesterday ended when the helicopter went by, lifeflight is never a good sign. Matt was just telling me about a game of chicken that happened on the darkside over the weekend, a sixteen year old kid dead. That kind of thing happens a lot but this accident was different. A wave from the hurricane Bill storm surge washed three people into the ocean at Thunder Hole, killing a seven year old girl.

I can't stand to go to the park today so I'm doing errands instead. It's all for the best because my shoulder is acting up. I know it's my own fault, I'm doing my best to stretch through the pain. I'm using Icy Hot this time, which is new. It smells like pepto and is starting to get Icy and the anticipation for Hot is building. I want numbness in a tube actually, that would be awesome. No, I'm whining but I have a lot to do today after my visit home and I need my arm to do it but it's 11 and all I've done so far is watch my netflix. I'm calling it therapeutic.


MayQueen said...

I just watched that episode of Dexter yesterday : )

Amy said...

That is so sad about the 7 year old girl! I have been to Thunder Hole, many years ago.