10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Step 1: You start running. There is no Step 2."

My puppy is swollen. His skinny collie nose got about a hundred bug bites and now he looks like a pug. I got a bunch of bug bites too only I have opposable thumbs for scratching and applying lotions and drinking heavily. No, actually I made a pie but that wasn't bug bite related. I was just hungry. Anyway, my dog is excessively round and I'm feeding him benadryl. I sought veterinary assistance and even though it freaks me out to give him benadryl, I gave him half her recommended dosage. He looks a lot better, it's quite a relief. He was finding more and more interesting places to stick his snout for scratching potential.

He was eerily calm on the medicine and let kitty walk right by without even lifting his head. Matt said we should sedate them on a rotating basis but probably that wouldn't make us pet parents of the year. The chickens however could seriously use some valium. You're supposed to play with them to get them used to you but I think it makes them even more insane. There is one chicken who is very sweet and calm and lets us pick her up with no fuss, she's my favorite. I'm going to name her fluffy and she'll be my best feathered friend. The rest we're calling Kung Pow! at least until they freakin' relax. Sheesh.

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Lisa said...

We've had ours a year and they still go crazy sometimes, especially when they're broody. And they argue just like you would expect nine females that like in the same place would argue. It's endlessly entertaining!