10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Pick a job and then become the person that does it."

Matt and I have a Harry Potter date tonight. We had meant to go last night...but things didn't work out. I couldn't leave woofy alone for 13 hours just to see a movie that will probably be playing for a month. I'm looking at skirts I don't need to buy and getting ready to go pick up huge hunks of metal for Matt, and then I have to torture the chickens. Sometimes they are very calm when we handle them I just wish I could figure out what makes the difference. I would sing opera if it kept them calm when we change the water.

Days off are always so crazy. No matter how much I schedule my time I find it just slipping away. The puppy runs off with the roll of paper towels and it takes 20 minutes to get it back and then the chickens practice their flying and tip over the feeder. And the rest of the time I spend motivating myself to do the next task. Dishes! Can't wait to do the dishes! Can't wait to get 'em done and move on to the laundry! And dusting!!! I love dusting!!! A lot!!! Whoo!!! I think I broke the exclamation point key with all the excitement of house cleaning. I'll never be able to show you guys how excited I am ever again. I'll have to use words to express my feelings instead of excessive punctuation, like a real writer. The humanity.


Rebecca said...

damn...who doesnt love all of that!

Amy said...

I'm on to the cookie baking part of my list and I feel strangely calm.