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Monday, July 13, 2009

"can't prepare for a naked woman and a hog"

Insert words here. That's what I feel like about posting lately. I want to write all these words and yet I sit down to type and these spastic paragraphs fly on to the screen and I can't bring myself to post them. Today I bought manure. That was my big excitement, buying manure. Which I stacked next to my groceries and now that I think of it is kind of gross. I felt extra special walking through walmart with my cart o' poo. It's actually very heavy so I didn't get to spread it yet, I need my house boy to come home and carry it up the hill for me.

I'm watching Mad Men and I'm wondering what it would be like to buy and wear those dresses all the time. I have enough anxiety buying t shirts. We actually have a wedding to go to in the fall and at first I thought "Oh shit, I need a dress!" and then we got the invitation and we have to bring our own food, drink and chairs so I'm thinking I probably don't need to run to Neiman Marcus, maybe not even TJ Maxx. On the flipside I invited my family to stay with me and now I need to buy towels and sheets that won't embarrass me forever. I think I'm the only one to inherit my mother's houseware obsessed genes. I almost had a heart attack last week when I went to serve pie and realized I had no dessert plates in the kitchen. Tragedy! Serving a whole pie to four people with just forks is socially inept but would have been a kickass blog picture.

Anyway I want the house to be comfortable if the family comes to visit. I always find myself searching for towels near sinks and trying to get soap out of empty dispensers. Those things drive me crazy. Especially as you wonder how the people who live there ever wash their hands. I definitely don't have enough bath towels for everyone but I guess if you can ask wedding guests to bring their own food you can ask your family to bring some towels. Le sigh!


pinky pinkerson said...

I don't know how you feel about Old Navy, but they have some cute casual dresses right now that would definitely be appropriate for a wedding where you have to bring your own chairs.

(and food and drink? do they provide napkins?)

Rebecca said...

at that point you just elope!