10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Everyone is so considerate today. I should've slaughtered people weeks ago."

i think i might have used that one before, but, oh well. i'm much too lazy to check and really, who'll be bothered. i'm making a concerted effort not to be bothered today. i'm suzy sunshine today. i forgot to take matt's dinner out of the freezer, oh well...we'll have spaghetti. no big. and then i couldn't find anything to wear that i haven't already worn twice this week...but it's raining and cold today so i broke out the "so dark you can't tell i'm unshaven" tights and now i'm all happy and skirted. it's the glass is half full thursday. wooh!

so, what else is new? i expected to weigh in at about 173 today and it's still 170. the kitty caught a mouse this morning. it's better than her not catching them, but still disgusting, and meaning that i will spend another evening bleaching every inch of my house. wooh! for antiseptic surfaces. i'm starting to live like all of my house is potentially pestilential. i almost got anti-bacterial dish soap out of pure hysteria. those products are mind baffling, how do we think the species survived the middle ages?

apparently i'm rambling and all i can think about is book seven and next week's menu. i ordered two copies and neither will arrive on saturday because i am much too stubborn to pay for shipping. and now it's too late to upgrade so odds on i'll be buying another copy friday night or saturday morning. that's a super financial strategy. and even more perplexing...how many nights can matt eat frozen pizza before there's a revolution? i'm guess three. or i'm guessing that there will be three nights next week i really won't want to be june cleaver. the man says he can grill, but what if there's lightning? what will he do with so much dinner autonomy? i can see next week is going to be very big at our house.


pinky pinkerson said...

I made dinner twice this week and once was spaghetti. I think that still counts :-)

(my dinner repetoire is extremely limited)

I cannot even imagine tights - it has been in the nineties all week here. I am sweating even in full a/c.

Amy said...

the sauce was homemade, i'm just lucky i hadn't frozen it. i can't remember when i made it though so we might die of food poisoning. oh well. a for effort anyway.