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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Isn't there an elsewhere you need to be?"

Rebecca asked for pictures and so here is Cobscook Bay. It was really a beautiful day but my camera was dying so I only have a few pictures. I don't take nearly enough pictures, I really have to start taking my camera with me all the time every where I go. Today was a really crappy day and it was so hot and it was hiking day and my head is killing me and my client was a whiny mcwhinerpants. More like the complainernater. Today she was upset about her air conditioner. It works perfectly for a person with realistic goals, like not trying to cool down the open air porch. She was also upset about the trucks at the quarry reversing with their safety beeps, she's going to complain to the quarry owner. I know that she's not actually going to complain to the quarry owner any more than she's going to throw a bucket of water on the poor bastards mowing the lawns but it still sets me on edge.

You know, now that the painkillers have started to become effective I can see the shiny newness of these complaints compared to the old ones. We can probably get a few weeks out of the air conditioner trials. I wonder how well it works with all the windows, doors AND the porch open to the heat. That would be a test for consumer reports right there, I'm gonna write a letter.

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Rebecca said...

oooohhhhhhh...what else should i ask for?! ;)