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Monday, August 17, 2009

I like watching lord of the rings when I clean, it makes me feel like cleaning my one bedroom apartment isn't as epically tragic as it feels. And actually between the slacking off on the computer and the non-stop snacking I'm getting a lot done. The chicks create this super fine white dust that covers EVERYTHING and it's awful. The books all said it will drive you crazy but when the chicks are little it doesn't seem like a big deal and then they grow and you can write wash me on the bathroom wall and you want to cry a lot. It took most of the day to de-dust the bathroom and every bottle on every shelf but it's done now and the next time we have chicks they will totally be in the garage if we have to get seventy two heat lamps to keep them warm.

The chickens spent their first day outside yesterday and are happily pecking around their run as I type. Knox thinks it's christmas and has spent every minute outside running circles around the run. Yet another reason they aren't free range. I hope I can find him a chicken costume for halloween, that would be awesome. SO, obviously I've spent the whole day searching my kitchen for chocolate and I have this ridiculous sugar high. I should stash emergency pms candy bars in the cupboards, I swear. Chocolate milk is too much work with too little gratification for the current level of my needs. There's something about the dog barking at the door ALL DAY because the chickens are on the other side of it that make you so angry inside that only a snicker's bar will do. Right now I'm telling him to wait for daddy to come home and take him out so I can make more chocolate milk and maybe use vodka instead of milk. I'll let you know how that goes.

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Rebecca said...

we haven't seen any pics lately?!

starbucks has a fabulous chocolate liquor... you should look into that!