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Friday, January 23, 2009

"a skirt that goes down to the floor" "I bet that skirt's been down to the floor"

Today I had my first interview since I got laid off. I hadn't thought about that until I got the call last night. Last night for a this morning interview...but then you can't say no to a nun. It could be a fun job, a fun oh my god is this hard job but a fun job none the less. I called my sister after "the call" and asked her what you wear to see a nun and she said "a skirt, a skirt that is below the knee". So I wore a wool skirt and my kick ass boots and she said I present myself very well. She's a very kind nun, definitely the sort of nun you can work for. I was really apprehensive about going but it turned out to be really good for my self esteem. I should get dressed up and go scouting for compliments more often.

Exercise here has been sort of hard lately. Puppy is terrified of the road and the snow is now too deep for us to hike. I suppose we'd both get plenty of exercise going about fifteen feet but it might break both our spirits. The snow is so deep and fluffy that he just sort of paddles through it. Which is amusing but also sad. He runs up and down the solid plowed banks but if he falls into the soft snow he's stranded. Matt has had to haul him out a few times, it's like fishing for puppies.

Everyone is sleeping and I feel like I should be using my time better but everything I would do is so loud and I think we all really need a nap. I should probably take a nap too, take advantage of the quiet time. Actually that sounds awesome, peace out.


Sugarcrook said...

Congrats on the interview. When do you expect to hear back?

Amy said...

monday or tuesday she said, there are a lot of applicants apparently.