10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Quiet, you'll miss the humorous conclusion"

Starting the post-Christmas welcome to the rest of your life at 182.6 pounds. It's not as bad as I would have thought after eating for four days straight. I'm totally tired of food. I'm trying not to think of this "period" of healthy eating as a "diet" but sheesh, who am I kidding. On a diet all you can think of is cheating so I really don't want to be on a diet in that sense. I just want to eat better through out the day. I started a few weeks before christmas a regimen of having the same breakfast every day. I'm going to do that with lunch too. It's so easy and there's no thinking involved. I'm not doing a proper south beach diet, but I'm cutting out everything unnecessary or over the top. I'm keeping my teaspoon of sugar in my tea and I'm cutting out the halloween and christmas candy, which seems fair and reasonable. If I have a sweet craving I go directly for tea, which is a good appetite suppressant too because your tummy feels all warm and full and it's only 15 calories.

I'm blogging the actual numbers again because I need the record. it's so much easier to chart things when you write them down for real. I've never once remembered anything I thought "I'll remember that" about so why fight it. I didn't record weight or exercise or anything at all this year and I gained about ten unrelentless pounds. Clearly the laissez faire doesn't work. I need structure and regular beatings to get anything accomplished, that's just the way it is and I must accept it. C'est la vie.


Sugarcrook said...

Santa brought me a vicious flu for the holiday, helping me lose 5 lbs. I think it was worth it.

Rebecca said...

Have a great New Year Amy!

we'll both be back to it before we know it and I think 2009 is gonna be a good year, all around!