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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"I've been sane for a while now..."

Yesterday I drove up to Bar Harbor to see my friends and their very tiny new baby. We had about two feet of snow on sunday and it was too much for the philadelphia contingent because they were very worried I wouldn't make it to the house...Oh, how novel! I did pick up some stranded folks on my way there. A couple plowing out their friend got stuck between no and where and they flagged me down. They'd been waiting an hour and a half for a car to go by, which I totally believe, and even though picking up strangers on lonely snow covered roads is usually too Stephen King to contemplate, I'd feel damn lucky if someone was nice enough to help me on that road. Ironically it was the same couple from the summer, the woman with the pug that jumped into my car and they told me a good story about some of their neighbors. There's always been this sort of weird house with a cross on it on the road to home. Is that a house that's a church or a church that's a house? There are always half broken wheel chairs and fire wood for sale and i always wonder if it's the home of a faith healer that makes it's fortune off the crutches and chairs of the newly healed. Apparently not, which is disappointing. The real story is that the city had come to cut down a tree and the invalid owner chained himself to the tree shouting "I pay taxes!" to keep the city from chopping it. They arrested him and cut the tree while he was in jail and when he got out he vowed to never pay taxes again...so he got himself ordained as a minister. Apparently he got to keep the firewood too, so that seems fair.

Today is D day as far as Christmas preparations go. I have to bake some pies and wrap some presents and I have to scour my house from top to bottom. Fortunately I don't have to sew a thing because I'm completely over the sewing. Which is appropriate since I just spent so much at JoAnn's for new material. Ironical. The Macbook cover went over very well, pictures below. I love the old school apple design. I only have to make 800 of these to use up the 7 yards of rainbow fabric I have.

These are the result of franticly googling "homemade baby gifts". Every single site suggested a fleece blanket which is what I was trying to make but my sewing machine is cranky with me. They're supposed to be bathtub crayons...homemade....and they double as soap! What kid doesn't want soap??? They look cute anyway and I had all the materials on hand. ***If you googled homemade baby gifts and got to this page, make the bath crayons...you can put a bar of soap in the blender and melt it with some food coloring and you're good, it's the way to go.***


MayQueen said...

Especially since the real ones from the store (Tracy's little sisters had some a while back) instruct that sitting in the tub with the crayon suds will cause irritation to the urninary tract. Fun times.

Amy said...

I have no data on that part...I hope my crayons aren't...uhm...irritating.