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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

trying not to die

You know, spending much of your early morning sleeping hours unconscious is not actually as restful as sleeping. And also the vomiting. Hi, I'm totally at work and I shouldn't be because this sucks. I got very sick for no reason at about 4 am and passed out in my bathroom and woke up to kitty feet in my face. She seemed really pleased that someone was sleeping on the floor with her. Mostly I was really pleased that I didn't puke on her. That would have been a very different blogpost, the kind where you die at the end because it's just so awful. This sort of thing happened to me a few times in college and directly after and generally it goes away and then I'm fine. It does seem to always happen in the summer so I'm thinking it's some kind of dehydration attack. I'm trying really hard not to google the symptoms, I might be clinically dead based on the wisdom of wikipedia.

So I'm here at work faking being alive and shopping and blogging. I ordered myself a dvd I don't need and I do need some shoes for that wedding and I just realized that my other two heads haven't materialized. Bummer. I'm more annoyed about having to write the seller than I am about not receiving them in the first place. It's a hassle buying heads over the internet, be warned. Not like buying wedding shoes at Zappos, that's a piece of cake. Wedding pun totally awesome. Home, I'm going home now. Y'all have a good day!


MaryFran said...

I hope you are soon feeling better. And even though the cat may 'beg' for you for a repeat performance (so she has company on the floor) I'm hoping that you don't accomodate her!

Even though it's happened in the past, if it happens again...get to a doctor! Better safe than sorry!

Amy said...

Thanks, I am feeling better. I might even get my blog on today.

MayQueen said...

Wow, I just got an image of having to wash the Chairman. One word: Bloody.